2018: Are you ready to transform?

ProjectView digitilizes Project’s processes end-to-end, creating a secure ‘data-hub’ where Management can get personalized dashboards across all stages of each construction project’s life-cycle.

Engineering & Construction

Companies in the engineering and construction (E&C) industry are seeking solutions to increase chances of winning Bids and to cut costs during execution, increasing performance, productivity and their overall efficiency.

ProjectView will help you skyrocket your winning rate of new Projects’ awards by providing you with the environment to associate BoQ code lines with optimum resources on realistic quantities and time. Our Tendering/Budgeting module will help you estimate and pinpoint your ‘right-fit’ quotation whilst create, accentuate and enhance enterprise business knowledge. During execution, ProjectView benchmarks your Contractual specifications and deliverables and allows real-time monitoring or your works against resource exploitation and consumption.

Rich in business logic and with advanced features and functionalities, ProjectView is digitilizing daily processes and optimizes your execution of works without imposing an extra burden on your employees.

Facilities and Field Service Management

Field service management (FSM) and Building Service Management requires workforce dispatch optimization and daily monitoring of tasks and schedules against maintenance Contracts.

ProjectView Site monitoring module allows the capture and logging in of all activities executed by field force personnel and the cost control of travelling, spare parts and time against Contractual client requirements. ProjectView is facilitating preventive and ad-hoc maintenance by structuring and prioritizing a daily to-do and expense list.

A daily comprehensive dashboard provides task prioritization vs workforce availability and location awareness facilitating field crew mobilization, asset utilization and capacity management.

Shipbuilders and Shipyards

Building and repairing ships is a complex engineering process. The reason behind it is that the process of shipbuilding is a conglomeration of inputs by professionals spanning a wide range of specialization and a variety of spare parts that requires an optimized supply-chain.

ProjectView enhanced with DANAOS Maritime Solutions can fully optimize your supply-chain processes and gives you transparency, cost control and clear understanding on available resources per task and per Project. ProjectView can guarantee a cost effcient and speedy delivery for each part and for the Project in-total.

As in all industries and all DANAOS Products, ProjectView’s user-centric philosophy is based on simplicity and effectiveness. Daily role-based dashboards facilitate daily to-do lists per Crew Manager, Site Engineer and Project Manager and graphically present and highlight actual vs estimated progress and cost KPIs.